Tearful Goodbyes as Our Assistant Director, Bill Pelter, Retires

Bill and Maureen smAbility Now Bay Area recently celebrated the “retirement” of Bill Pelter, our Assistant Executive Director. Bill has been an integral part of the organization’s operations for seventeen years, and has strong relationships within the disability community. His knowledge on the difficulties the disability communities face have made him one of the most respected advocates for individuals with disabilities.

CakeAfter giving a heartfelt good-bye speech, many participants and staff members gave him tearful hugs and thanks for all he had done for them. Even as everyone munched on celebratory cake, some of the participants couldn’t be consoled about the news. However, after receiving reassuring hugs from Bill that he would still see them on occasion, the participants were able to wish him well.

Even in retirement, Bill won’t stray too far from Ability Now. He will continue to be a program development consultant for the organization, spending about 30 to 40 hours a month working with us.