Social Activities/Socialization – Body Language in Social Settings

Activities will be done in a relaxed atmosphere while socializing with each other. Participants will also learn how to make socially acceptable responses to basic body language concepts.



  • Jigsaw puzzles
  • Word puzzles
  • Free-form or pre-printed artwork
  • Beading and computerized games led by instructor

Body language: (Role play different scenarios)

  • Participants will discuss what body language means. If do not understand, then it will explained to them. Body language is non-verbal form of communication.
  • What to do if you do not want to be bothered by someone? Ex. sit with back turned, folding your arms, etc.
  • If you want to talk to people turn towards them and lean in for conversation
  • Importance of reading a persons body language or showing others how to read your body language
  • How to approach someone if their back is turned towards you and you want to talk to them, how do you know if they want to talk? Maybe they cannot hear you or do not know your there?
  • What would you do if they turned and saw you, but they turned away from you with a frown on their face? Good time to leave them alone.
  • A person might smile at you to be polite even they don’t want you to bother them. They might shake hands with you when meeting you to be polite, but still not want you to talk to them. Watch body language. Do they turn away and close their body? What does that mean to you? What does open body language mean? How does it look?