It’s Alameda County Fair Time!

The Alameda County Fair is happening from June – July, and you can bet Ability Now participants have been joining in the fun. Small groups of participants have been attending the fair over the last few weeks, giving everyone the opportunity to enjoy everything the county fair has to offer.

Our fair goers enjoyed the multitude of events that were happening; cheering the DMX motor cross bike racers, breathlessly watching acrobats under the tent, visiting the small animal exhibit, which included reptiles, ducks, bunnies and chickens. And of course, playing carnival games and eating cotton candy while strolling down the midway.

Summer is always filled with events that take us back to our childhood – summer vacation, Fourth of July parades, BBQs, summer camp, and of course, the county fair. We hope Ability Now’s outings to the county fair brought back some happy memories – or even created some new ones – for our participants.