Health and Safety

This class teaches participants the effects and benefits of healthy life style choices and how to manage their own personal health and safety. Topics include: who to contact in case of personal emergencies, how to communicate that you are in pain or uncomfortable, what to expect and what questions to ask at medical and dental appointments, symptoms of common illnesses and how to best care for yourself. This is done through expressive communication and self-advocacy. Discuss different forms of abuse and how to handle an abusive situation. Learn safety methods when put in a compromising situation.



  • Best care practices for yourself
  • Illness, prevention and treatment
  • Questions to ask medical provider and dentist
  • Body parts and its functions
  • Adaptive equipment to assist with daily life
  • Participants will be encourage to bring articles of interest

Personal Safety

  • ESCAPE NOW curriculum
  • Cover different types of abuse and who to contact to report the abuse.
  • Tools on how to protect yourself from abuse.