Avis Gray’s Latest Literary Laurels

avis-smilingAbility Now is proud to announce that Avis Gray’s story, “Oh, That Teacher!” will be published in the Fall/Winter edition of Magnets and Ladders. Magnets and Ladders is an online publication for writers with disabilities. The story, which takes place before the Disability Rights Movement in the early 1960s, is about a student with Cerebral Palsy that encounters discrimination on a California campus where she strives to prove to everyone, including herself, that she can compete with able-bodied people. (Hmmm, this sounds suspiciously like a page out of Avis’s own life!)

Avis came to Ability Now in 2002 and with the help of an adaptive communication device designed for her in our Computer Learning Center, she was able to tell her stories. Working concurrently in our Small Business Center (SBC) and one-on-one with Andre Le Mont Wilson, the SBC Lead Instructor, Avis has self-published and sold three books online through Café Press. Her short story, El Dorado Days, was recently published Wordgathering, an online journal of disability-related poetry. In addition, Avis also wrote an educational pamphlet for people who work with the disabled titled Talk to Me!, which is used in trainings, seminars, and workshops.

As soon as Avis’s story becomes available to read, we will provide the link to it. Congratulations Avis, we are so proud of you!!

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  • Jana

    Avis, I was able to read a snippet from one of your stories in a previous newsletter, and enjoyed it very much! You have an engaging style of story-telling, and I look forward to reading more. Congratulations on all your publishing accomplishments! — Jana

  • Kathryn Goldman Schuyler

    Fabulous news! Look forward to reading more of Avis’ wonderful writing!