Class content is designed to prepare participants to function independently and productively as a family member and citizens. Participants have the opportunity to enhance their self-awareness, self-confidence, socially responsible behavior, strong decision-making and communications skills. Advocacy is a student driven class where students can bring their questions and concerns.



  • Environmental Living Rights
  • Mobility Rights
  • Employment Rights
  • Discrimination
  • Independence and Self-Advocacy
  • Civil Rights, Responsibilities


  • Achieving self-identity and self-awareness
  • Self-Esteem
  • Identify Physical and Psychological Needs
  • Understanding emotions and Feelings
  • Developing self-Confidence and self-worth
  • Giving and accepting Praise and Criticism
  • Knowledge of physical self

Teachable Moments

  • Personal experience
  • Problems at home/program

Any other topic students wish to discuss.