Ability Now’s Participant, Monique Harris, Advocates for SB 1050 in Sacramento

moniqueMonique Harris (photo: far left) joined other individuals in the disability community to speak in support of SB 1015 in Sacramento on March 28th. The bill, titled the 2013 Domestic Worker Bill of Rights, affirms domestic work as legitimate work and puts in permanent labor protections. Domestic workers are a critical component for individuals with disabilities to live independently. Without them, people like Monique could lose the independence she worked for her entire life.

Since the 2013 passage of AB 241, the Domestic Worker Bill of Rights, domestic workers have reported an improved ability to advocate for dignified standards in their jobs. With AB 241 set to sunset on January 1, 2017, SB 1015 would make the Domestic Worker Bill of Rights permanent.

“Everyone should be able to live their life with dignity.” Says Monique. “I can live independently because of my care person. I need to stand up for her like she has for me.” Along with others in the disability community, Monique told her story to the California Senate how she relies on domestic workers for her independence, and advocated for the same protections other people in the labor force received. Monique will be back in Sacramento on April 16th for the next meeting on SB 1015. You go girl!