A Bittersweet Goodbye on Valentine’s Day

Ability Now’s celebration on Valentine’s Day welcomed in our King and Queen, and Prince and Princess, but we also said goodbye to our long-time instructor, Mandi Palfreyman. Mandi has been an instructor at Ability Now for over 15 years and attended the center as a child when it was the Cerebral Palsy Center and had summer programs for kids.

Mandi was instrumental in bringing Feldenkrais movement therapy to our Wellness Program. Mandi had been receiving Feldenkrais therapy before she began working here, and credits the therapy for stopping the chronic pain in her legs and for keeping her out of a wheelchair for the past 18 years. With her guidance, Feldenkrais therapy was implemented and now helps relieve the chronic pain many of our participants live with.

Valentine’s Day was spent celebrating Mandi’s contributions to the center, and needless to say many tears were shed by the participants she has grown very close to over the years. Mandi will be moving back to Utah with her family the beginning of March. Good luck Mandi in this new chapter of your life. Your humor, intelligence and caring spirit will truly be missed.

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  • Susan Sullivan

    Goodbye and good luck Mandi! We will truly miss you at the Center. In my experience you have always been a role model and have contributed much to not only my personal growth at the center but to the participants as well. Enjoy your new adventure! Thanks from Susan — Feldenkrais Program teacher❤

  • Nancy Rosenberg

    Best wishes to you Mandi in your new venture Utah is a beautiful place to live! Hugs. Nancy

  • Ann T Binning

    Mandi is unforgetable and is a courageous, strong and caring person. Love her and her parents.